Stay Awhile in this New Realm of Retail

It’s not uncommon to have heard the statement “the world of retail is changing” in the last few months let alone in recent years. Even we published articles back in January and March detailing the continued evolution of the brick and mortar store. Yes, change is upon the industry we have all known for so long and this is largely due to the pressure felt by retailers competing with the rise of the online marketplace. Physical stores have to feature engaging elements, like live cooking demonstrations if you are a kitchen supply store, and more importantly, encourage visitors to “sit-and-stay” if they want to make an impression or compete with the ease of online shopping.

The meaning of “sit-and-stay” is directly tied to the not brand new, but more recent concept of retailtainment. People frequenting retail shops today are searching for those immersive, whole-day experiences where they can create countless memories with friends and family. The entire idea of “sit-and-stay” revolves around unique entertainment being featured prominently in the retail space so guests will in turn be inclined to hang around and stay for longer periods of time. 

How exactly does retailtainment or the “sit-and-stay” concept benefit everyone in a facility? Let’s hone in and focus on 2 particular advantages to investing in onsite entertainment plus highlight how RCI has already embraced this trend.

Stress-free shopping trips with the little ones

Shopping can sometimes have unwanted stress attached to it whether it be centered around not knowing what you truly want, the act of last minute gift shopping or hours of combing through endless racks to find the right size. And while children are loved, they can unknowingly add to the stress of leaving the house to visit any given store especially if they’re feeling tired or bored.

How can retail shops provide a solution? It all starts with the integration of attractions that appeal to families, like RCI adventure products. Sky Trail® aerial attractions or Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls not only provide a place to bring the kids, but they easily accommodate large groups and can serve as the centerpiece for birthday parties or other events. Catering to kids and more importantly, the entire family unit, helps to diversify your retail space and its revenue streams.     

Adventure products are capable of giving retail its immersive edge and parents will thank you for all that they provide.

Still feel engaged even if not actively participating

Not into heights? Sporting an injury and not able to participate? No problem. You don’t have to actively climb a wall or ascend the stairs of a Sky Trail® to join in on the fun. Visitors to your adventurous retail space will find enjoyment in watching their loved ones and proceed to take pictures, video and wave at them from down below.

Bonus: The snapshots and videos they take will end up on social media which means hassle-free advertising. Their posts are also bound to attract others who while they may come for the adventure attractions initially, may also find interest in your other retail offerings as they “sit-and-stay”.  What you’ve heard is true; retail is changing. The integration of new dining options, live entertainment and family-friendly adventure attractions like those that RCI provides are transforming the industry from the inside out. Retailtainment and the concept of “sit-and-stay” are ones to watch or in the case of your retail establishment, ones to actively pursue.