The Entertainment Transformation of the MENA Region

The entertainment scene around the world is always changing and evolving but in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, steps are being taken to rise above anything previously known. Largely driven by a desire to increase tourism to countries like Saudi Arabia and create widespread economic opportunities for citizens, the Middle East has indeed put plans in place to make big things happen in the coming decade.

To help summarize the topic and make it easier for you to digest the range of information, we created a convenient PDF that can be downloaded by clicking the button below. In the document, you’ll be able to read more about how the MENA region is being elevated through entertainment additions and how exactly RCI fits into all of this by highlighting a client with locations in the area, Trampo Extreme. Here is a quick outline to review so you can get a glimpse of what to expect!

  • Intro – The Advancement of Amusement
  • Saudi Arabia & Vision 2030
  • Client Spotlight: Trampo Extreme
  • Trampo Extreme Products & Locations
  • RCI Articles & Blogs Featuring MENA Region
  • Connect with RCI
  • Sources

Feeling briefed? Good. We hope that you enjoy this resource we’ve dubbed, “The Entertainment Mix: Middle East Edition” and keep an eye out for others that may be coming in the future!