The Evolution of QuickJump to QuickFlight

Whether you are familiar with the QuickJump free-fall product or have yet to hear about it, this device is for all participants that crave that exhilarating rush. Through a partnership with adventure equipment manufacturer Head Rush Technologies, RCI has been able to offer business owners an interesting addition to their Sky Trail® attraction over the years and that is the QuickJump product. In 2018, QuickFlight was introduced as part of Head Rush’s Flight Series.

Utilizing similar trusted magnetic, eddy current braking technology, the QuickFlight allows daring participants to step off of a Sky Trail® platform and enjoy that free fall feeling without the worry as the device safely catches the participant and lowers them to the ground. Compared to QuickJump, QuickFlight now features what is known as a dual line system to ensure increased rider comfort as well as peace of mind for the operator. Mounted indoors or outdoors the QuickFlight free-fall device offers minimal maintenance, low cost of ownership and high throughput as the device itself retracts quickly which in turn allows for rapid turnover and a high return on investment.

While QuickFlight is a new innovation for Head Rush, it does share a number of similarities with QuickJump that have been loved by both operators and participants in the past.

Benefits of the QuickFlight free-fall device:

  • Versatile and easy to install
  • Features a fully redundant dual line system to guarantee the comfort of participant
  • Fun and thrilling free fall experience for all ages
  • Participants are safely and softly caught and lowered to the ground thanks to Head Rush’s magnetic, eddy current braking technology
  • Engineered for a wide range of weights and mounting options

This creative descent from a Sky Trail® aerial attraction leaves guests with countless memories and the desire to come back for the experience over and over again. A perfect fit for business owners looking to maximize the fun had within their facility, the QuickFlight free-fall device offers a way to both increase ROI and smiles.

Want to see the product in action? Take a look at the QUICKjump (previous model) thrilling guests at Allegan Event in Allegan, MI.