The top 4 reasons why businesses choose an interactive entertainment attraction

When thinking about expanding a business’s offerings, there are a few reasons that clients usually turn to us for the solution.  

  • They’re looking for an entertainment attraction that will complement the space they already have. Our clients like Sky Trail® because it fills unused airspace and is built above existing entertainment: arcades, mini golf, go-kart tracks, lounge tables, laser tag (blacklit room with blacklit course), and more.
  • They’re trying to keep people at their business longer.  Additional time spent at a facility means the patrons are more likely to spend more money on other product and services like food, drinks, etc., offered in the facility. Participants spend an average of 30 minutes on an averaged sized course (1 level with Sky Rail™), plus harness time, bringing the total to about 45 mins to complete the attraction.
  • They’re trying to accommodate large groups of people.  Creating birthday party packages, team building activities, and day trip packages is a lucrative route for businesses utilizing entertainment attractions.  Adding a ropes course, climbing wall or maze to the business is a huge selling point for these packages and is popular with churches, parents planning children’s parties, and corporate customers, to name a few.

Can we tell you more about the advantages of choosing interactive entertainment attractions for your business?