Welcoming Unharnessed NetPlay to the RCI Family

Debuting a new product and having it join a growing adventure products portfolio without a doubt results in an elated feeling as it signifies company growth. Well, we are experiencing exactly that feeling as of recently with our newest attraction! Because we’re still planning the perfect unveil, we can’t share the product’s name or exact details behind why we decided to branch out in this direction, but we’ll gladly run through what participants are likely to experience once they set foot on it.

Before we go over the fundamentals, it must be reiterated once more that this netplay attraction involves no harnesses of any kind. That alone means a less involved on-boarding process for participants and a freer sense of movement which even further keeps the focus on having fun. Unlike Sky Trail®, there are no height or weight requirements that must be met prior to entrance and if participants would like to join in, they are instructed to climb either the net ‘elevator’ or a stairwell located alongside a Sky Trail® if the two attractions are paired together. Once at the top, participants of all ages are encouraged to traverse through 5 interconnected bridges with friends or family and ultimately let their imaginations run wild thanks to the availability of different open pathways.

Now, you may be thinking what happens when it’s time to stop exploring and leave? That’s where it gets even better. If and when participants wish to exit, they have two options. The first is that they can choose to slide down one of the 2 slides available or if they’re feeling a bit more conventional, they can travel over to the same stairwell where they may have previously entered and exit that way. The decision is theirs! The integration of slides into this product brings a whole new level of amusement to the semi-contained world created by the collection of elevated towers, rope bridges and other climbing activities.

Whether a great dry play addition for a waterpark, the perfect match for an existing Sky Trail® attraction or an inventive solo activity at a family entertainment center, this multi-level unharnessed play experience is designed to engage participants of all ages both physically and mentally as it fosters navigational skills and taps into one’s inner imagination.

Like what you read but need a quick recap? Here are a few major points to keep in mind:

  • Doubled capacity: Maximizing your site using the vertical height space, in turn, allows for more room to accommodate participants
  • Low operator costs: Minimal staffing is required
  • Custom designs: All systems are tailored to specific site and budgetary requirements
  • Versatile: Indoor and outdoor configurations can be made to suit any budget and site layout
  • Flexible integration: Branded or IP theming allow the attraction to complement any space
  • Enhanced views: The elevated nature of the interconnected bridges give guests a unique bird’s eye view of your park

We hope this new information excites you and we can’t wait to share more!