Why We Attend IAAPA: Q&A with Sales Staff

Next week will mark our 16th year attending the IAAPA Expo held in Orlando, Florida. Our whole team of sales experts and authorized distributors will be present in our booth, 5730, for the 4 days (November 19-22) that the show is put on and we can’t wait to talk with everyone! To give you an idea of how our sales staff feels about this major trade show and what they will be doing to prepare for their time there, we asked each person a few questions.

Sales Executives Marissa Kiella (MK) and Steve Morse (SM) as well as Director of International Sales, Dan Mooney (DM) will all be available for meetings within the RCI booth. Here is what they had to say about RCI’s biggest trade show of the year!

What are you most excited about with regards to this year’s show?

MK: This will be my 7th IAAPA and still every year brings something new. This year, I am looking forward to showing off our product line-up and the excitement that our booth brings to the booth visitors every year. It’s a lot of prep work to get ready for this show, but to see new and existing client’s faces when they see our fully assembled Sky Trail® and Clip ‘n Climb® walls makes the hard work worth it! Very exciting and rewarding!

SM: I’m always excited to see our products in person and watch the reactions of the attendees when they are able to experience Sky Trail® first hand.  There is nothing that compares to the thrill of our products and this years attractions will not disappoint!

DM: I think what I am most excited about is the debut of two new products: Adventure Trail and the Destination series.

Why do you feel this is such a crucial show for RCI to attend?

MK: IAAPA draws clients from every industry that we cater to, so it’s a huge opportunity for us to meet with our existing clients and show off new additions and to also draw in and excite new clients for the future. IAAPA really is the show that people pick if they have to pick just one within the amusement industry, so we need to be there!

SM: Our attendance is needed for a few reasons – first, we want to hear from both our past clients as well as those we have not yet done business with. We want their thoughts, their input and their out of the box ideas for where RCI Adventure Products can be installed. We also have a unique opportunity each year to provide a hands on experience for those who visit us. There is nothing that compares to being harnessed up and seeing the convention floor from 25 feet in the air!

DM: Even though there are other IAAPA shows located in Europe and Asia, IAAPA Orlando is the premier show of the year with visitors from all over the world.

How are you preparing for your time during those 4 days?

MK: To prepare, I follow up with clients to see if they will be coming to the show, set meetings to discuss existing or future projects, prepare documents and presentations to discuss during the meetings and get as much rest a possible. This is a non-stop show, so making sure I’m healthy and focused is also really important!

SM: IAAPA is such a whirlwind of activity that it is hard to prepare for it – the biggest things that I try to do is to organize my schedule and make sure that I save my voice as much as possible when not meeting with people during the show days.  Believe it or not that is one of the biggest challenges for me.

DM: Mainly, I will be busy scheduling meetings and organizing any sales materials that I intend to use while sitting in the booth.

What are some of your goals for the show?

MK: My goal for the show is to inspire as much excitement for the coming year as possible! We love showing off our products at the show and this really helps educate our clients about what Sky Trail really is! Our product is very unique, so by building a Sky Trail on the tradeshow floor, where our clients can touch, observe and use the Sky Trail, they really are able to grasp just how awesome it can be for their facility.

SM: I want to help consultants, architects and business owners find an exciting new attraction that works well with their particular business.  There is no “cookie cutter” solution and that is where we excel. Once we find out your goals and pain points is where RCI can be of best assistance.

DM: I am primarily looking to create stronger bonds by connecting face-to-face with clients who I have only spoken to by email and reconnect with international distributors.

Aside from having discussions with attendees in the booth, what other events or breakout sessions are you taking part in?

MK: Since the show is so busy with meetings and client discussions, I set my focus on being in the booth as much as possible. I will venture out once during the week to walk the floor and take in all that IAAPA has to offer, see what else is being offered and try to soak in as much as I can. Otherwise, I will be attending the Harry Potter amusement park that IAAPA is hosting and I cannot wait for that!

SM: Usually I am occupied with so many meetings that I do not have availability for other events or sessions.

DM: Working in the booth will be my main focus so unfortunately, I will not be able to venture out much. However, I thoroughly look forward to meeting with everyone!