World’s Largest Ropes Course

Manufacturing ropes courses big and small

We see a lot of self-proclaimed titles floating around dealing with the overall size and magnitude of various attractions. The “World’s Largest…”, “World’s Tallest…”, or “World’s Fastest…” are all a common ones. Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, go-kart tracks, mini-golf courses, water slides and yes, ropes courses.

If we took the time and looked back at all the ropes courses we’ve built in our 35 year history, we could probably come up with an accurate “Top 10 Largest Ropes Courses in the World” list. With more than 800 courses built across the world, RCI Adventure Products is easily the world’s leading ropes course manufacturer. Ok, that’s a self-proclaimed title but also true.

Largest Indoor Ropes Course

We built the world’s largest indoor ropes course. That title belongs to It in New Haven, CT. They can also take the title for “World’s Largest Ropes Course Inside a Furniture Store.” Yes, It resides inside Jordan’s Furniture.

We also built the world’s tallest indoor ropes course. That title belongs to the Legends of the Hidden Temple ropes course inside the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, NJ. With 8 levels and at nearly 100-feet in height, that might just be the world’s tallest ropes course period, inside or out. There are plenty of YouTube videos and social media posts done by brave individuals scaling to the top level.

Not to be outdone is the world’s tallest outdoor course, a title that belongs to the SandRidge Sky Trail® ropes course at Riversport in Oklahoma City. If you’re looking for a rush, that course includes the Rumble Drop, an 80-foot free-fall experience.

Ropes Course in Florida

In 2022 we completed an expansion project to the Sky Trail® course at Laguna’s Beach Bar and Grill in Pensacola Beach, FL. The expansion included our Sky Tour® zipline adventure with multiple rails measuring over 120-feet in length each. The overall footprint of Laguna’s course might make it the world’s largest ropes course by total square footage alone.

Then there are the sub-division titles. About 10 years ago we built a course for WonderWorks in the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, NY. That’s dubbed the “World’s Largest Suspended Ropes Course.” Across the street from the RCI offices is Allegan Event, a family entertainment center, which houses Michigan’s largest indoor ropes course. Pretty soon we’ll be installing a course at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth and that can claim to be the tallest indoor ropes course in the state. In 2022 we built Skylark Ridge, a Sky Trail® ropes course with Sky Tour®, at Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek. That’s likely Michigan’s largest ropes course.

Spy Ninjas HQ Ropes Course

Last year we also completed a Sky Trail® course for Spy Ninjas HQ in Las Vegas, making it the world’s largest ropes course based on a YouTube channel. That’s not to be confused with the world’s largest ropes course based on a reality star, which is Bear Grylls Adventure in Leicestershire, UK.

We’re pretty confident the Sky Trail course we built in Kuwait in 2023 is the largest ropes course in the Middle East. We’re fairly confident we’ve built the world’s largest ropes course on a cruise ship as well. We’re still waiting to build the largest ropes course in Antarctica, the only continent that doesn’t have an RCI course.

This is quickly becoming the world’s longest blog post dedicated to the world’s largest ropes course. Again, self-proclaimed!