Your Questions about LMS Answered

Whether you are a trainee currently taking the test that will grant you operator status or you are a company manager monitoring your staff in training, you’ve had experience with our online system, LearnUpon LMS. It ultimately serves as a convenient hub for tests, earned certificates and trainer management but what do you do when questions arise? Well, your RCI account managers and Training, Audit, and Inspection Manager are always here to help but we wanted to make it even easier for you so we have developed a few documents that are housed inside of the Client Portal and can be accessed at any time.

Because some of the most common questions consist of “How do I add a user?” and “How do I delete users who no longer work at my site?”, two of the handy tools available inside of the Client Portal are step-by-step “How to Create a User” and “How to Disable a User” guides. The former takes you through the straightforward 3-step process of inputting a new trainee or user and permitting them to begin their exam no more than 15 days after being added into the system. A note to remember is that trainees are not to be created as new users inside of the LMS system before they have completed and passed the practical portion of their training. Testing is only allowed after practical training has wrapped up.

Perhaps you already have everyone you need in the system but would like to delete an employee who no longer works at your location. There is good news and not-as-good news. The good news is that it’s super simple to disable a user in LMS by switching the “Login Enabled” button to off under the user’s Basic Info which prevents future email notifications. The catch is, users can never actually be deleted as LMS serves as a record log of everyone ever trained so keeping past employees on file is still of importance.

Though it is not yet uploaded to the Client Portal, an LMS FAQ document will soon be available for client use and will contain quick run-throughs of user sign up, testing procedures, the assessment of certificates, billing information and additional commonly asked questions. And bonus, if you need help finding any of the documents that have been mentioned thus far, feel free to try out the new search bar feature inside of the Client Portal that allows users to type in any title that they’re looking for and locate it quickly.

We hope these newly developed guides help answer your questions and keep both you and your team informed. If you still have questions for us, we’d be happy to assist you and are only a call or email away!