adventure trail

Built for individuals interested in a harness-free attraction that still provides its fair share of memorable fun, Adventure Trail is unlike other RCI products in that no height or weight requirement must be met before entrance onto its many interconnected rope bridges and towers.

When participants are ready to ascend to the elevated environment, they can climb up the available net elevator and choose the pathway they’d like. With the ability to customize tower structures, bridge types and exit slides, imaginations will run wild on this family-friendly multi-level attraction!


Features + Benefits

  • Doubled capacity: Maximizing your site using the vertical height space, in turn, allows for more room to accommodate participants
  • Low operator costs: Minimal staffing is required
  • Safely contained: Unharnessed participants are able to freely explore without risk on bridges, inside of tunnels or net elevators and when using exit slides
  • Custom designs: Indoor and outdoor configurations are tailored to specific site and budgetary requirements
  • Flexible integration: Branded or IP theming allow the attraction to complement any space
  • Enhanced views: The elevated nature of Adventure Trail gives guests a unique bird’s eye view of your park