2019 At a Glance: What We Did & What’s Next

Believe it or not it is somehow almost mid-December and 2019 as we know it is coming to a close. Over here at RCI, we are psyched for all that 2020 has to bring: a fresh decade, new trade shows, new projects and so much more. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t take at least a few moments to look back on everything that happened this year alone.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane, why don’t we? Revisiting our major events, milestones and projects is always fun as it helps us to see all that we’ve accomplished. And because we would be here all day if we listed out everything, it will just be a select group. Here we go!

New brand launch

One of the biggest things to happen this year was the unveiling of our new brand identity. We fully transitioned into a new era by moving forward with the name, RCI Adventure Products. It was bittersweet to no longer introduce ourselves as “Ropes Courses, Inc.” but it was a change that needed to happen. The fact is that we’re always growing and it was imperative that our entire image, name included, reflected that. We love our colorful product names and our more inclusive name and we hope you do to. We’re still the same RCI even if we do look a little different!

Welcoming Adventure Trail and Destination series to the portfolio

If our updated look didn’t impress you enough, you were surely floored to see TWO products (with one being its own line) join our ever-growing list of offerings. The news was made even more official at this year’s IAAPA show in Orlando, Florida when water park frontrunner, WhiteWater West dubbed RCI their ‘official dry play provider’.

For WhiteWater this move reflects a focus on making products in their core expertise, water-based attractions. For RCI this provides a bridge into venues needing larger adventure play products. Both parties continue to deliver what they do best in service of the client’s success to bring the very best entertainment products to guests around the world.

Adventure Trail is now our first unharnessed netplay attraction that features no participant weight or height requirement prior to entrance. All ages and abilities are encouraged to climb up Adventure Trail’s net ‘elevator’ and make their way, in whatever direction they’d like, through the interconnected bridges, towers and exit slides.

On the other hand, Destination series is made up of 3 large-scale individual entertainment hubs that each vary in their square footage and overall arrangement. Each model then contains 5 core attractions for participants to interact with: a Sky Trail® with multiple Sky Rails™, Clip ‘n Climb® climbing activities, Adventure Trail netplay and a Sky Tykes®.

Notable attractions installed

So many attractions have been installed around the world in 2019 and when we say that we mean Sky Trails® with or without Sky Rail®, Sky Tykes® and Clip ‘n Climb® activities! Here is a snapshot at some of the projects we saw come to fruition this year:

  • 6 pole, 5 level Sky Trail® Explorer and an integrated 4 pole, 3 level Sky Trail® Seeker (American Dream; New Jersey, USA)
  • 13 pole, 2 level Sky Trail®, Sky Tykes® and 7 Clip ‘n Climb® walls (Kalahari Resorts; Round Rock, Texas, USA) 
  • 12 pole, 1 level Sky Trail® (MSC Grandiosa; MSC Cruise Line)
  • 12 pole, 1 level Sky Trail® (Carnival Panorama; Carnival Cruise Line)
  • 7 Pole, 1 Level Hex Discovery, 7 Pole Stand-Alone Sky Tykes® w/ Tykes Rail™, 5 Clip ‘n Climb® Walls (JumpUp; Tubli, Bahrain)
  • 9 pole, 2 level Sky Trail® Discovery with Sky Rail™ (Rusutsu Resort Park; Rusutsu, Japan)

Distributors around the world

Over the course of this year we were able to welcome a fair amount of people to the RCI family as licensed distributors. We’re so excited to see all that they accomplish and love having them aboard! These are some of the distributors that joined us:

  • Challenges Unlimited (CUI); Canada
  • Climb Korea Co., Ltd; South Korea
  • Zipline Korea, Inc.; South Korea
  • TOSHO; Japan
  • Global Adventure; India

Looking Ahead into 2020

We will cherish all of the memories that were made in 2019 and can’t wait to see what the new decade brings us. At this moment, we already have at least 5 trade shows planned and we’re pumped. Get ready for big things and even more adventure in 2020!