5 Ways to Increase Attendance

All around the globe people are regularly seeking out ways to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family. Depending on the type of facility they choose to visit, there might be some form of entertainment such as various shops, museum exhibits or exotic zoo animals that capture their attention but could there be more? The addition of complementary entertainment inside a variety of facilities is not a new concept but it can seem like a daunting challenge if you yourself are a growing business owner. There are many attractions to choose from that your guests might enjoy so before you make that final purchase, you should take time to consider your target audience, the popularity of the attraction in question, the attraction’s placement indoors or outdoors, cost, available training or support and largely the level of added value that the attraction would be bringing to your current offerings.  

Even with all things considered, there still might be two glaring questions in your mind : why exactly should my resources be invested into a new family entertainment attraction and what will be the tangible benefits of this decision? Let’s dive into 5 reasons why integrating additional entertainment and more specifically, an attraction for families can be beneficial for your location!

  • Entertainment is open & available to a new target audience.

All guests might currently be able to enjoy what your facility provides whether that’s gazing at timeless art or sitting down for a great meal but inclusive family entertainment attractions open up your facility to even more people. All age groups and skill levels can be accommodated and participate together in larger groups for a memorable experience. You can be 2 or 102 and still have fun!  

  • A new attraction can lead to a boost in secondary sales at your location.

Participants engaging with the new attraction will want to hang around to make the most out of their experience which leads to increased sales of food, beverages, souvenirs and other retail items. This rise in dwell time and profit is then advantageous for your business as a whole. Bonus!  

  • Unused space can be filled appropriately.

Have space above arcade games or a field outdoors next to your facility? Make good use of it with your newest attraction! Unused space is already technically being paid for within your location so the utilization of it doesn’t have to involve a pricey expansion. This savvy use of space will also further integrate your current offerings with your new addition to create a lively entertainment spot for guests.  

  • Your facility is transformed into a destination.

Increased curiosity, color scheme and size of your attraction will draw in visitors who want to participate and have their pictures taken alongside it. In turn, this will further market your location and spread awareness to the general public. As popularity grows, locals and tourists alike will come to know your facility as a destination where they can bring their families to enjoy a mixture of entertainment.   

  • Increase in returning customers & noticeable ROI.  

Sure, you will have to invest in a new entertainment attraction for your space but that initial commitment will pay itself off quicker than most. The unique look of the attraction keeps guests coming back for return visits and its ability to entertain large groups of people at once helps to create a considerable revenue stream. Added bonuses consist of minimal maintenance required, consistent safety record and lifetime support!