Can RCI manufacture an attraction for us and operate the attraction also?

Ropes Courses, Inc. (RCI) recently attended RECon 2018 and had the opportunity to network with a lot of developers. One question that came up frequently was “Can RCI manufacture an attraction for us, and also operate that attraction at our facility?”

Let us answer that question by providing a little bit of context first:

Ropes Courses, Inc. (RCI) has been custom manufacturing, installing and servicing adventure course products since 1989. Sky Trail® ropes courses and its entire family of products are designed and engineered to deliver interactive recreational adventure. The Sky Trail® and Sky Tykes® U.S. patented and integrated safety systems allow for constant movement on the attraction by participants. Installations have minimal staff requirements, offer high capacity, and appeal to a wide range of ages.

In 2017, RCI expanded its product line and acquired Colorado-based company, Amaze’n Mazes™, as well as partnered with New Zealand-based company, Clip ‘n Climb®, to further create the ideal adventure space for clients. RCI proudly assumed the role of North American manufacturer of the climbing structures and gained distribution responsibilities for North and South America. The new relationships forged have allowed RCI to build upon our offering of interactive, engaging attractions that keep all ages thoroughly entertained.

RCI adventure products are individually designed and easily integrated into amusement parks, zoos, family entertainment centers, museums, resorts, cruise ships, and more. Millions of participants on five continents and in 25 countries experience RCI attractions annually.

RCI does not pursue partnerships, profit sharing, leases or management contracts with clients. Our clients own and operate their amusement attractions at facilities of their choosing, independently from RCI.  We do strive to meet a client’s needs by providing a safe product with the ability to manage high volumes of participants using minimal staff. We offer efficient and comprehensive training for operators and operator trainers. RCI also provides technical product inspections, operational audits, safety equipment specifically designed for its products and replacement parts when necessary.