How Does Fun Climbing Compete with Tradition?

Climbing has long been a taxing activity that challenges anyone who wishes to partake in it. Nowadays, there are multiple forms of climbing. What do I mean by that? Well, for one, there are the true purists that only choose to engage in grueling outdoor rock climbing and are not afraid to live on the edge (literally). There are also entire gyms dedicated to those wanting to climb in a more controlled environment but with a similar challenging feel and lastly, there is the new phenomenon known simply as “fun climbing”. This form of climbing is typically indoor and features walls that appeal to participants of all ages and skill levels unlike professional gyms or centers. A prime example would be the climbing walls courtesy of Clip ‘n Climb®. They’re fun, colorful, feature different climb-able shapes and welcome all to participate.

To break it down even further, let’s look at how exactly this type of climbing differs from more traditional forms of the sport and why it is becoming a staple in the family entertainment industry.

It is welcoming not intimidating to beginners.

Outdoor rock climbing or even the indoor gyms tend to be a bit too intensive for anyone just starting out. For those wanting a “softening of the learning experience” with regards to this kind of vertical activity, fun climbing and walls like Clip ‘n Climb® are the solution [1]. Participants are encouraged to go as far up the wall as they are comfortable going and do not need any prior climbing experience to have a good time. All ages, yes even smaller children, are invited to join in on the fun and strengthen their climbing skills.     

High quality equipment keeps participants safe.

Fun climbing like Clip ‘n Climb® utilizes TRUBLUE® auto belays and Self Belay™ connectors which are the most tested and trusted climbing wall safety equipment solutions courtesy of Head Rush Technologies. TRUBLUE® auto belays are specially tested to meet strict safety standards while the Self Belay™ connectors erase the chance of an accidental webbing release and prevents climbers from connecting to incorrect harness points. Less experienced climbers need not worry with trusted safety equipment on their side!  

Easily integrated to complement existing entertainment.

Standard climbing walls of this nature can be customized in terms of their panel height so walls like Clip ‘n Climb® can easily fit to accommodate varying facility ceiling heights. This means that if your ceiling will play along, you are able to have climbing walls inside of your facility along with any existing entertainment that may be present like bowling, a Sky Trail® attraction or arcade games. The walls themselves can be in placed in a variety of places indoors, such as in the middle of everything as a centerpiece or against unused facility walls or corners. In addition, the fun colors and shapes help to give any space a little more excitement and look great in the background of photos that guests are bound to take. An added bonus, the fun climbing walls have the ability to create the perfect space for “birthday parties and even corporate team building retreats” [1].



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