Resurrect “Dead” Space with New Entertainment

If you are a business owner who regularly entertains the public your goal should be to make every part of your facility count. That means finally doing something about that open air hanging above your arcade games or filling the back corner area you might have with another offering that guests will enjoy. But why is it a good idea to fill up “dead” space within your facility and how can RCI help you do exactly that?

To put it simply, dead space doesn’t earn you any revenue. It’s just there so you have to make it work for you. Let what you incorporate complement the entire space and most importantly, excite everyone who walks through your doors. It only makes sense to get the most potential out of the space you occupy so go on, take advantage of areas not yet filled and ultimately reward your business with an additional stream of revenue. To start, let’s explore why it’s key to maximize all space available within your facility.    

Give attention to every inch possible

Everywhere that guests look should be something interactive whether that’s bowling lanes or just a spot to grab a tasty snack. Keeping people of all ages entertained and occupied will lead to success at your location so why would you choose to let valuable space go to waste? Sure, the addition of new attractions may not be in the budget at the moment or more intensive planning needs to occur but investing in the future of your business is crucial.

Let’s say the majority of your family entertainment center features great arcade games, miniature golf and go-karts but there still exists a pesky spot above some of the lower games where it looks like something could be stationed. That ceiling area is space that is already technically being paid for so no expansion would ultimately be required to house even more entertainment for guests. Taking advantage of so-called dead space that hasn’t been utilized yet can prove to be quite beneficial in the long run as new attractions positioned in empty corners or above other offerings allow for increased revenue, a rise in customer dwell time and bonus fun for families.     

RCI adventure products to the rescue

When you’ve already incorporated plenty of entertainment into your facility it can seem like too much to think about additional attractions. However, the most can be gained from a fully stocked building. RCI adventure products are no strangers to serving as solutions for that dreaded dead space and can be implemented in a variety of locations. Stationed above a skate park or trampolines? No problem. A climbing area poised against an unused wall for all skill levels? Entirely doable.

Whether it’s Sky Trail® aerial attractions or Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls, any untapped space has potential to entertain. Sky Trail® can be placed indoors or outdoors, making use of the ceiling area above classic games or over a speedy go-kart track, while even a few Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls can create a whole new mini destination inside your business for beginners and pros alike.

No matter the adventure attraction chosen, RCI products can help combat any dead space present with unique, vertical entertainment that is bound to turn any guest into a repeat customer!