Former Revel Casino Hotel Buys Sky Trail® Navigator

Revel Casino Hotel

Glenn Straub, owner of Polo North, recently signed a contract with Ropes Courses Inc. for a 12 pole, 2 level Sky Trail® Navigator ropes course, non-automated Sky Rail™ zip line and a 6 pole stand alone Sky Tykes®as part of his rejuvenation plan for the former Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Sky Trail® will stand 3 stories tall and have 2 levels of 46 elements of varying design and difficulty such as the crisscross walk, vertical rope ladder, cargo net, and balance beams to challenge a participant’s physical balance and mental fears. Participants then experience a hands-free, self-guided zip tour without unhooking at any time on the 60-feet long Sky Rail and continue their experience through the rope elements.

More and more hotels are adding family-oriented attractions because they are proven to keep guests onsite longer and satisfaction high. Amusement attractions like ropes courses are powerful magnets to attract customers to your facility over the competitor’s. Parents are turning their business trips into family vacations because the kids have activities to do onsite in a safe location. Another perk of these attractions is parents can join in the fun, too!

Our products are known for their safe, in-the-air excitement and the combination of the Sky Trail® and the Sky Tykes® courses at Revel will appeal to a multitude of age ranges to generate new and repeat business from locals and tourists alike. We have revolutionized the traditional tree-to-tree ropes courses and cable zip line design concepts to suit a wide range of venues and accommodate various business models including the casino, resort and hotel sector.

The brand new Sky Trail® will sit in the front of the Polo North building in space previously used as a valet-parking drop-off area. Read more about the project in the Inquirer article, “Ropes course coming to former Revel casino” here.