Sky Trail® debuts in Doha, Qatar

Naufar Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre

Doha, Qatar – Ropes Courses, Inc. recently supervised the installation of a custom Sky Trail® ropes course located within the beautiful country of Qatar this month. Naufar Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre will utilize the new ropes course attraction to provide a valuable learning resource for its residents along with its extensive range of hospitality products and facilities including the spa, gym, restaurants and café.

Once additional information about Sky Trail® ropes courses was gathered online, Ropes Courses, Inc. quickly became a notable prospect to Gebal Group WLL in Qatar  during the company’s search for an ideal attraction that could be incorporated into Nefaur Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre’s plan. Genuine interest led the company to send over specifications of their project to the qualified team at Ropes Courses, Inc.

A positive response and an enjoyable meeting with Ropes Courses, Inc. owner, Jim Liggett, at the 2016 Euro Attractions Show in Barcelona effectively sealed the deal for Gebal Group WLL in Qatar. The meeting coupled with the excellent feedback received with regards to the specifications “gave us the final confidence to go forward with the project,” said Alex Charawani, Managing Partner for Gebal Group WLL in Qatar.

The customized Sky Trail® has 15 columns and is suspended from the ceiling 7.6 meters from the ground so guests can utilize the gymnasium floor underneath. The ropes course is comprised of 30 rope and plumber elements. Participants enter and exit the ropes course using a TRUEblue auto belay system to safely climb up and down a ladder or they may choose to exit the course using the QUICKjump free-fall as an alternative to the ladder.