Sky Trail® to be installed at Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center

Cedar Point Sports Center

Ropes Courses, Inc. is excited to announce one of its newest installations of their Sky Trail® ropes course attraction as part of a new Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center in Sandusky, Ohio.  Scheduled to open in the spring of 2017, world-class amusement park Cedar Point and sport management company Sports Force Parks, out of Georgia, have partnered to create a 57 acre multi-purpose sports complex just minutes away from Cedar Point Amusement Park on Ohio’s north coast. It will be home to traveling tournament players in a variety of sports such as, baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse. The Sky Trail® ropes course addition will challenge them and keep them on their game along with other offerings of a playground, mini golf course, trampoline park and more for both players and families to enjoy.

“We’re honored to be a part of it all!” said Jim Liggett, owner of Ropes Courses, Inc. (RCI).

Participants will experience a whole new level of fun, quite literally, on the Sky Trail® ropes course when compared to the sports fields nearby. It will stand nearly 25 ft. tall, and will officially be the tallest amusement attraction on the Sports Force Parks facility grounds. Participants will enjoy panoramic views of the Cedar Point roller coasters, tournament fields and Lake Erie as they climb through 11 diverse rope activities and soar down the attached Sky Rail™ zip line for a unique and kid-friendly adventure all in its own.

The fabrication and installation of the 7 pole Sky Trail® Navigator and Sky Rail™ zip line attraction will take just under a month to finalize. Much like any other amusement attraction, the Sky Trail® ropes course has a “gazillion” pieces and parts that attribute to its renowned caliber for durability and longevity. This course, composed of nearly 9 tons of steel, 6,500 fasteners and connectors, 1,000 ft. of combi-rope, 300 ft. of plumber and 81 gallons of paint, is sure to have a stand-alone “wow” factor when completed.

RCI installation manager, Josh Shoup states, “This course has a standard layout we have experience putting together and it will only require 1 week’s time for 4 installers to complete the job. We’re confident Sports Force Parks and Cedar Point will be impressed with our capabilities.“

The course takes up 1,800 square feet of space and is designed for additional activities underneath the attraction.  Each venue with these courses determines what additional offerings for its clientele works in this space.   The Sky Trails® small footprint offers an opportunity for activities in its vicinity or for the not so “thrill seekers” to stay on the ground and watch the players up above.

“The decision to add a Sky Trail® to the Sports Force Parks complex was a smart one. Young kids and their families go up together and try their luck on the elements they decide they want to go through. When they exit the course, they all have a different perspective on the experience. The only thing that is the same are the smiles!“ said Liggett.

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