Sky Trail®: Limitless By Design

Sky Trail® aerial attractions know no bounds. They can be incorporated into a range of facilities whether they operate predominantly on land such as in a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) or float out at sea on a cruise ship for weeks on end. This adaptability is part of what makes Sky Trail® so exciting and such a great addition for countless facilities around the world. Speaking of, businesses located in Oman, Puerto Rico, Japan and China all chose to integrate Sky Trail® into their facilities for guests of all ages to enjoy. To make it even more thrilling, these installations were momentous for both RCI as well as the facilities themselves as for most they marked the first Sky Trail® attractions to touch down in the area.

One of the recent locations to welcome a towering Sky Trail® aerial attraction for the first time is Albergue Olimpico in Puerto Rico. The facility is an Olympic Training Center that invites both elite athletes and amateurs to come and be active in ways that are fun for everyone. While this athletic location is primarily used for training efforts, it also offers various other forms of entertainment, such as a waterpark area, that promote physical activity for athletes and their families to enjoy together. The Sky Trail® Explorer and kid-friendly Sky Tykes® installed outdoors at Albergue Olimpico are the first to ever be available for the public to enjoy in sunny Puerto Rico. Albergue Olimpico is not the only location to welcome their first Sky Trail® attraction as Trampo Extreme in Oman, both Rusutsu Resort and Space Athletic Tondemi “Heiwajima” in Japan and Changying Wonderland in China are also members of the RCI family now. Guests aged 2-102 in new parts of the world are now able to experience the joy and challenges that come with participating on a Sky Trail® aerial attraction!

Whether first time owners or long-established clients, many of these facilities find themselves having the same experiences and asking the same questions with regards to the best marketing techniques, pricing ideas, equipment concerns and more. In an effort to help fellow Sky Trail® owners out, we want to know if you, our clients, would find a space in which videos can be shared, questions can be answered and reviews can be posted, helpful? The community would be a private social media group, most likely on Facebook, where all owners can converse and discuss their experiences. A moderator from RCI would be present to help when necessary and add interested clients to the group. Whether you think this would be advantageous or you think it would not be as helpful, please let us know by taking the quick yes or no survey featured below. We’d love to hear what you think!