Summer’s Ending: 3 Things You Need to Do Before It’s Really Over

The end of summer is nigh and frankly it’s hard to believe, let alone accept. It seems like just yesterday we were all ringing in the new year and adjusting to the act of writing 2019 on all dated documents. But all things must come to an end. Well, until next year that is.

Regardless, while everyone else is begrudgingly beginning to pack up their beach towels, swimsuits and flip flops, if you’re the owner of an RCI adventure product, namely a Sky Trail®, you’re busy in a much different way. Your main concern as the season draws to a close is making sure everything is in order in terms of supplies, safety and the condition of your attraction as a whole.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re not entirely confident on all that needs to be done to ensure a smooth season next year, you’re in luck because we’re here to help you out with a few handy tips. Have your notebook or digital notes ready? Great, let’s get started.

Inspect everything & update logs

Though this should already be regularly happening before the end of the season arrives, still be sure to perform an inspection of your Sky Trail® (and Sky Tykes® if available) to guarantee all is in tip-top shape and looking operational. Aside from the course itself, you should also take time to inspect any safety equipment you are currently using or have stored as well as update your logs, noting any damaged items, so you can plan next year’s budget accordingly.

If both the Sky Trail® and all of your equipment are in favorable condition, great! If not, please take note of any issue and contact your designated account manager.

Properly store equipment

No matter if your attraction is located indoors or outdoors, it’s always important to store your equipment properly. However, if you do possess an outdoor Sky Trail® or Sky Tykes®, it’s twice as important to be mindful when storing equipment as each item can easily be exposed to changing temperatures, water and sunlight.

It is key to store all safety equipment:

  • where it is cool and dry
  • away from damaging chemicals
  • out of direct sunlight for long periods of time
  • if in a dry state; do not store equipment when the items themselves are wet

Take stock of supplies 

Throughout your inspections and storing of equipment remember to also pay attention to just how many of each item you have. Do you need more of something before next season? If so, no problem. Just contact your account manager and they will gladly assist you in the process of ordering more.

Common items to take stock of + look into ordering:

  • Harnesses
  • Slinglines
  • Finger Keys

We want your end of season procedures to be as smooth as possible so if you need anything at all or have particular questions in mind, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager by email or via phone. Cheers to the little bit of summer we have left!