We’re coming to the Asia Leisure Market!

The RCI team is so excited to announce that we’re expanding into the Asia leisure activity market with 3 new Sky Trails this year, and many more prospects on the way.  We spoke with one of our new clients from Hokkaido, Japan, Rusutsu Park, regarding their purchasing decision. We thought that their insight into choosing this avenue for leisure entertainment may be helpful to those looking to make a similar decision.  Our Q&A session with Rusutsu Park is below:

What led you to purchase a Sky Trail® ropes course for your facility? Had you seen a Sky Trail® anywhere else?

Our company CEO, Mr. Kamori, visited IAAPA last November and saw a Sky Trail® at the tradeshow. While we do have 8 roller coasters, we did not have anything like a ropes course. Mr. Kamori decided to purchase a Sky Trail® ropes course for the purpose of adding new charm to our park through a leisure  adventure attraction.

Can you tell us some more about Rusutsu Park?

Rusutsu Park features these great amenities:

  • Hotel accommodations (Standard twin room, Standard triple room, Japanese style room, Deluxe family room, Junior suite room).  We also operate the luxury hotel “The Westin Rusutsu Resort” within our resort. It is a relaxing option for all visitors.
  • 8 roller coasters
  • Kid’s Land
  • Go Karts + Train
  • Thrill rides
  • Pools
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Snowmobile/ Snow Rafting
  • Golf
  • Restaurants: Hokkaido Buffet, Farm “Belle Vue”, Japanese “Sekkatei”, Chinese Cuisine “Kanten”, Italian “Costa Terrazza”

It must be very exciting to incorporate a Sky Trail® ropes course into your location! What will this new attraction do for Rusutsu Resort?

Most of the attractions  in our amusement park involves guests simply boarding and enjoying the ride. However, we know that the real memorable experiences  and excitement come from visitors being able to move their bodies and physically interact with an attraction. Sky Trail® will bring this missing piece to our park.

Will this course be open to the public as well as resort guests?

Our park guests will pay the entrance fee of 5,000yen (about $47 USD) per day. They will be able to enjoy all attractions in our park including Sky Trail® without an additional fee.

Do people know about the new attraction coming to your park? How has the news been received?

Attractions similar to Sky Trail® have appeared in Japan in recent years. However, Sky Trail® is very different from what has previously been seen, as Sky Trail® has a unique overhead tracking system. People in Japan are excited and curious to see exactly how it works firsthand.

When will the Sky Trail® officially be open to the public?

Our schedule is for the Sky Trail® to officially open on Saturday July 14th, 2018.

Two of the Asia locations are listed below.  Stay tuned for an announcement when the third location is ready to publicize their plans later this summer!

Rusutsu Park:

  • Location: Hokkaido, Japan
  • Attraction: 9 pole, 2 level Sky Trail® Discovery with 2 electronic Sky Rails
  • Capacity: 45 participants at one time

Changying Wonderland:

  • Location: Haikou, China
  • Attractions: 7 pole, 3 level Sky Trail® Explorer with 1 mechanical Sky Rail™ and a stand alone Sky Tykes®
  • Capacity: 45 participants at one time on the Sky Trail® and 10 participants at one time on the Sky Tykes®