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Grand Rapids, MI

“John Ball Zoo added a Sky Trail® and CTS Zip Line as a way to help generate revenue while providing edutainment for our guests. Most people are drawn to the adventures for one of two reasons. Either they have never participated before and the attraction is overwhelming; or they enjoyed their past experiences so much they wish to participate again. These experiences have increased zoo attendance due to their popularity.” – Tim Duthler, John Ball Zoo

SPECS – 6 pole, 2 level Sky Trail® Explorer with 18 elements
CTS Zip Line spanning 600′ (183m)
BUSINESS SCOPE – 450,000 zoo visitors annually
SKY TRAIL® AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 150 daily participants
CTS ZIP LINE AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 210 daily participants
ADMISSION – $7.00 Sky Trail®, $10.00 CTS Zip Line, $15.00 Combo (10% discount for zoo members)

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