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Milwaukee, WI

“Wisconsin Adventure Zone is equipped with a Sky Trail®, CTS Zip Line and Sky Tykes® attraction. This fun attraction draws visitors ranging from the young adventurer to the older adult and gives the entire family something to experience hands on. Ropes Courses, Inc stays on top of industry trends and focuses on safety which is exactly what we want at our Zoo.” – Former Course Manager of Wisconsin Adventure Zone at Milwaukee County Zoo

SPECS – 6 pole, 3 level Sky Trail® Explorer with 27 elements
6 pole Sky Tykes® with 9 elements
CTS Zip Line spanning 240′ (73m)
SKY TRAIL® AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 90 daily participants
SKY TYKES® AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 30 daily participants
CTS ZIP LINE AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 100 daily participants
ADMISSION – $12.00 Sky Trail®, $6.00 Sky Tykes®, $15.00 CTS Zip Line

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