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Stevensville, ON

“The largest appeal of the Sky Trail® aerial attraction has to be the “Wow Factor”. The other appeal comes from the thrill and challenge of maneuvering through the elements. Our typical customer is a family with young kids so having something for little kids too was equally important. This is why we installed the Sky Tykes® attraction with the Sky Trail®. Feedback from our guests has been very favorable. The level of continued interest has us considering adding to our attractions to meet demand.” – Tim Tykolis, Safari Niagara

“The playground in the center of the park was a hit with kids, the Sky Trail® was a hit with mommy, and the splash pad put it over the top for everyone. You’d expect to pay extra to have such fun extras in a park like this and that is not the case, admission gets you everything- very budget friendly!” – Tripadvisor review for Safari Niagara

SPECS – 7 pole, 2 level Sky Trail® Navigator with 22 elements
6 pole Sky Tykes® with 9 elements
BUSINESS SCOPE – 100,000 annual visitors
SKY TRAIL® AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 300 daily participants
SKY TYKES® AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 100 daily participants
ADMISSION – Included with zoo admission

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